Rose Gold

Is Rose Gold really Gold? Yes!  Gold in its natural state is yellow and also so soft it’s malleable. In order to create gold jewelry, gold needs to be alloyed-mixed with other metals- for strength. When you alloy gold, you can alter the percentages of alloys used to change its color.

Pictured Above: Rose Gold Bead Set Diamond Mounting Set With A Brilliant Cut Center Diamond and .12 Carats of Diamonds In The Halo.  $600

Rose Gold is derived from alloying gold with a particular combination of copper and silver. The copper is what gives rose gold its delicate pink color. The silver helps to tone down the redness of the copper, achieving a subtler pink shade.


Pictured Above: Rose Gold Set With An Oval 3.00 Carat Morganite Center Stone and 25/100 Carats Of Fine White Diamonds On The Sides.  $1500

Rose gold became popular in Russia at the beginning of the 19th century, and is sometimes referred to as Russian gold. Today, many people consider it to be the most romantic precious metal because of its pink luster, and it tends to complement all skin tones.


Pictured Above: Rose Gold Prong Set Halo Engagement Ring Featuring a .50 Carat Center Brilliant Cut Diamond Surrounded by 10 Diamonds Weighing 41/100 Carats.  $2100