Nothing marks a milestone like graduation—and kick-starts an adult wardrobe—quite like a piece of jewelry. From endless interviews to special events to everyday events of post-collegiate life, jewelry that can be worn on the regular is a wonderful gift—longer-lasting than the trendiest designer bag, more personal than an envelope full of cash, and an investment that will earn its keep.  Here’s some options to bestow your favorite post-grad.

Simple, classic  and personalized.  Engrave with the year of her graduation or with her initial. $125.00

Timeless.  18″ Strand of Freshwater Pearls.  14K Clasp  $150.00

Inspire her  to achieve great things.  14K.  $200

Give her the moon and the stars.  The Celestial Necklace.  $275.00

Our Signature Bar Necklace.  Available in 14K white, yellow or rose gold. Send her off with a beautiful reminder of where she came from.  Engrave the coordinates of her hometown.  Other popular engravings are initials and important dates in Roman Numerals.  $300.00

Diamond Initial Necklaces.  14K  $350

An amazing symbol for all she’s achieved!  The Diamond Pendant.  .20 Carats  $475.00

Diamond Bar Necklace in 14K White Gold.  Just so pretty!  $450.00

Diamond Cluster Earrings.  $550

The arrow is the international symbol for adventure.  Give her this diamond encrusted arrow for her next adventure!  14K $600

Everyone loves a sapphire!  Sapphire and Diamond halo earrings.  $850.00

Diamond Stud Earrings.  One Diamond for everything she’s achieved and one for everything she’ll aspire to be!

$750 and up…