Anniversary Gifts


Any gorgeous piece of jewelry makes for a wonderful anniversary gift.  Many people choose to give one of the classics; Diamond Earrings, Diamond Pendants, Diamond Bracelets, etc.  If you’d like to be more imaginative, there is a jewelry  gift for anniversary years, 1-15, and for each milestone anniversary after that.  Check these selections out below!

1st Anniversary: Gold.  A beautiful gold disc engraved with her new monogram.  Engraving options are endless- maybe your anniversary date in Roman Numerals, maybe the place you met in Latitude/Longitude

2nd Anniversary: Garnet, the symbol of Eternity.  Beautiful rose cut earrings set in rose gold to accentuate the color.

3rd Anniversary: Pearls.  The ultimate Classic. Instead of white, try a different colored pearl- we love this sterling colored pair!

4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz symbolizing deep emotional attachment and eternal love.  Gorgeous Emerald Cut Blue Topaz set in a diamond halo mounting.

5th Anniversary: Sapphire.  Pictured here, Classic Sapphire Studs (5mm each) with Diamond Accent.  $1500.  Other sizes available- smaller or larger-  or without diamond accent, and priced accordingly.  Blue not your favorite color?  Sapphires come in a rainbow of colors- try a pink, yellow, orange or green Sapphire!

Hand-made, hand engraved tag marking the year that you were married, adds a sweet sentiment to any necklace!  Engrave the other side with the numeric anniversary.  (See picture to the left.)

7th Anniversary: Black Onyx.  Wrap her wrist in a beautiful onyx bracelet- add in some gold beads, pearls etc!

8th Anniversary:  Pink Tourmaline.  The gem of poets & teachers.  The pink tourmaline cabochon pendant will bring love, joy and happiness into your life.

9th Anniversary:  Blue Lapis.  The symbol of royalty and honor, gods and power, spirit and vision.  Faceted pear-shape Lapis with gold wire bail.

10th Anniversary:  Brings us back to diamonds.  Make her right hand as outstanding as her left because Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Pictured here is a beautiful band comprised of 1.00 Carat of Brilliant Cut Diamonds and 1.60 Carats of Baguettes.  This ring $6500.00  Other “petite” price points available.

15th Anniversary: The Watch – because it symbolizes time…  When looking at high-end watches, Certified, Pre-Owned is the way to go.  Call and ask us about substantial savings on the pre-owned watch market.

20th Anniversary:  Platinum. Since you have 20 years together, celebrate your past, present and future with a three stone diamond ring set in platinum.

25th Anniversary:  Sterling.  Wrap her wrist in a stunning Sterling Cuff Bracelet straight from Bali.  Pictured here are Blue Topaz stones mixed with 18K Yellow Gold Accents.

30th Anniversary:  Pearls.  Summer Anniversary?  Try adding a little something with our 14K Yellow Gold Shell Clasp!

35th Anniversary:  Emerald.  We just love the simplicity of these earrings.  Round Emeralds, surrounded by brilliant white diamonds.

40th Anniversary:  Ruby.  “Pigeon Blood Red”  That’s the color you want in Rubies.  We love this pair!

45th Anniversary: Sapphire.  Three stone sapphire ring.  Oval Sapphire flanked by two half-moon diamonds.  Ultra Classic!

50Th Anniversary:  Gold.  Like the first anniversary, we’re back to gold!  We love this simple hammered circle set with Brilliant Cut Diamonds on its edge.  For this particular piece, we set 5 diamonds representing the five decades that the couple had been married.

A sweet way to add some sentimentality to any necklace.  We start by hand-making a 14K gold disc to attach to the clasp.  We then hand engrave each side; shown here the years married (40) on one side and on the other the year in which you were married. (See picture to the right.)