What is your wedding band style?

Finding the perfect wedding band is like finding the perfect wedding gown: you simply have to try them on to know what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes, what you thought you’d never like, ends up being the one!  And like your wedding gown, almost all of our wedding bands can be “altered.”

There are hundreds of styles of wedding bands on Pinterest and Instagram.  To help you make sense of what you’re seeing on these sites, we’ve tried to group wedding bands into major categories by either diamond setting style, or “type” i.e., anniversary, eternity, curved, etc.


The original 5 Stone Anniversary Band.  Back in the 70’s and 80’s, many Brides wore plain wedding bands and received a diamond wedding band for a special anniversary, hence the name.  5 stone wedding bands range in carat weight from .50 to 2.00 carats total.  Pricing starts at $800.00 in 14K Gold.

Our most popular wedding band.  Shared prong in style and with many small set across the top, the sleek line of this band is what attracts the eye.  All wedding bands are created 1/2 way, covering the top of the finger, yet many Brides choose to have diamonds go 3/4 of the way around (at an additional charge, as shown).  Popular Facets Styles in this band are FA8917, .23 carats, $900; FA8963 .57 carats, $1,500, both priced in 14K Gold.

All Brides ask about “Eternity” Rings- stones going all the way around.  While we can do this, we suggest making the ring 3/4 of the way around instead.  Once the ring is made, there is virtually no way to resize the ring without an additional costly investment.  Resizing an eternity ring involves adding diamonds to create a larger finger size, whereas in a regular wedding band, it is done by enlarging the metal portion.

Like the “Anniversary Band,” the 7 stone band is set “Shared Prong” (one diamond sharing prongs with the other) which is the most popular diamond setting style for wedding bands today.  7 stone bands tend to cover more of the finger than its 5 stone counterpart.  These bands range from .57 to 1.05 carats and range in price from $1,900 to $3,000 in 14K Gold.  See Facets Styles 9139, 9141, 9143 and 9145.

The petite cousin to the Shared Prong wedding band:  The Single Prong Band.  Single Prong wedding bands are always petite in carat weight as the goal is to have a very delicate looking wedding band.  See FA8819, 17 stones, .46 carats, starting at $1,200 in 14K Gold.

Unlike wedding bands that are set shared prong, the Bead Set (small beads of metal in between each diamond) wedding band, has a distinctive outer edge.  This edge can either be left polished as shown or finished with Milgrain- a textured edge- as seen on many vintage inspired wedding bands.  This picture also illustrates another wedding band trend; the stacked wedding bands.

In 2016, thanks to Pinterest, this band became a top seller.  Delicate with a vintage flair, this wedding band is totally unique with its bezel set diamonds finished with Milgrain edging and lack of a straight edge.  This band can be made in two different carat weights…

Sometimes Brides can’t decide between a plain band and a band with diamonds- this is the perfect compromise!  Our Vintage Lace wedding band has just a sprinkling of diamonds- just enough to enhance any engagement ring.  See our wedding band gallery to see how stunning this band looks when we made it in Rose Gold!

Another wedding band made popular by Pinterest! In 2015 this was the “It” wedding band.  Brides seemed to love how this unique wedding band looked “mismatched” with their engagement ring.  This “mismatchy” theme is still hot in 2017.

The weaved wedding band.  This trend started in 2016 and continues to be popular.  We now have a weaved wedding ring that is narrower and another band with a tighter weave mixing diamonds with portions of plain metal.  This band can be created in 14K White, Yellow or Rose (as shown here), and in Platinum. Facets Style FA 8969 $1800

Another great option in lieu of diamonds.  The engraved wedding band.  Engraved his and her wedding bands are a throw back to the 70’s – a great way to sync your wedding band with his.

Brand new in 2016, this weaved wedding band is narrower enough to look perfect with a solitaire yet substantial enough to be worn with its matching halo engagement ring. Available in 14K White, Yellow or Rose Gold (as shown here) or in Platinum. Check out Facets Style,  FA 9253 $1400 in 14K.

Channel Set.  Probably the most timeless of all wedding bands.  Sleek, with a distinct high polished edge and brilliant diamonds set flush, the Channel Set band has been and always will be an understand classic.

Sometimes in lieu of an engagement ring, a Bride would love a substantial and gorgeous wedding band.  1.45 Carats of Brilliant White Diamonds.  $4100 in 14K

Sometimes there’s a need for a curved wedding band.  Three Stone Rings, larger solitaires, and settings with intricate designs often call for them.  If you don’t find your exact “curve” we can custom create a wedding band to fit your engagement ring perfectly.  Check out these Facets Curved Wedding Bands; FA 9185 $900, FA8342, $1100, FA8398, $1100

Vintage Flair.  Bead Set Diamond Band with Milgrain edging.  Various sizes available.  Show here, Facets Style Number FA8605  $1300 in 14K

A nice alternative to a plain band or a great band to “stack” with another wedding band!

Hammered Finish.  Many Grooms are drawn to hammered finish for their own wedding band.  Why not try it for yours? Like the thin cable band to the left, you could do a think hammered band as a stacked band to tie into his…