Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry

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Customize it.

Our customers sometimes come to us with a concept, or picture of a piece of jewelry they want to create.  No one wants to create something blindly.  CAD technology, allows you to create your vision while being a part of the design process – seeing each step along the way.

Here is a great example of an actual CAD we just completed.  Laura came to us with a picture of an engagement ring she cut out of a magazine in 2001.  16 years later, she is making her dream ring!

The first step.  Once Laura had a great sense of how her vision would translate to an actual live ring, we designed the ring, around the dimensions of the center stones Laura chose, using CAD technology.  We then sent Laura the computer-generated renderings via email.  The renderings gave Laura several views of her ring at all different angles.

When Laura came into the store, she had never tried on this ring, or anything like it. The first thing we did was show her what that diamond setting style (pave/bead set) looks like in a live, actual ring.

The second step.  Once the rendering was approved, it takes 24 hours for us to produce a resin model of Laura’s design.  Laura came into the store to check out the resin model which is completely to scale as well as her correct finger size. We put the resin model on her finger, and then laid the 3 main stones into the ring. It was love at first sight!

A 9×7 mm Sapphire would be set in the center so this set the scale of the ring. We found Laura a ring , close to her vision, to try on to get a sense of how her dream ring would feel on her finger. 

The last step!  After Laura tried on the resin model, it was then placed into the casting oven.  Within two days time, the mounting for Laura’s ring was created in 14K white Gold.  The rough mounting was finished and all the small stones were set followed by the three main stones.  The ring was polished and viola!  Laura’s dream ring- sixteen years in the making- was complete!