Diamond Pendants

Diamond Pendants

The Diamond Pendant.

There’s nothing like a diamond pendant to complete any outfit.  Even in yoga pants and a t-shirt, a diamond around your neck feels simply luxurious. Diamond pendants have historically implied a single stone, but today diamond pendants encompasses many other styles…take a peek.


Left- Classic Bezel Set Diamond Pendant.  This particular piece is dainty in scale and show in choker length.

The Bezel.  The most popular style in diamond pendants today.  Shown here on a classic cable link chain; 25/100 Carats total weight Diamond with the chain adhered to the sides of the bezel.  This style pendant can be made with any size diamond. On larger diamonds, 1 Carat and over, we suggest using a slightly heavier chain.  These pendants start at $525.00

Star Light, Star Bright, First Star I See Tonight…  If diamonds were to take on an iconic shape- then the star is it!  What is more eye-catching then 65/100 Carats of twinkling diamonds, pave set into a cosmic statement piece hung on an 18″ Cable Chain?   $1700.00  Matching earrings also available, and it will leave you utterly speechless when you wear the pieces as a set!  1.32 Carats Total Weight, $2600

What is Pave?  Pave jewelry consists of a large number of small diamonds set extremely close together so that none of the underlying metal is visible.  The name, really spelled pavé – is French for pavement, which is appropriate as the end result resembles an old-fashioned cobbled street. The jewelry looks as if it’s “paved” with diamonds.  Pave discs.  Left, on a 24″ chain $1,050, or Right, hung from an 18″ chain, $1500)  Either will radiate brilliance!

Kick it up a notch…..with a diamond bezel every few inches!  Diamond Bezel Necklaces come in a variety of styles;  fewer larger diamonds or more, smaller stones- one diamond at every interval or a group of diamonds at every interval.   A great gift for a milestone anniversary.  16″ or 18″- 14K White, Yellow Or Rose Gold.  Call for pricing.

FASHION TREND 2018.  The 80’s are back!

Bold and beautiful designs and layered looks…  Long necklaces- those that hit right around your sternum, worn with those that hit mid-chest, and even with a third choker-length necklace, are a stunning look.   Mix it up with diamond pieces and bold, gold necklaces.






Do you have a diamond tucked away?  Maybe something you’ve inherited??  If it’s collecting dust in a jewelry box somewhere, bring it in.  You’ll be amazed at what diamonds do when you breathe new life into them!

A tradition that never goes out of style.  The original diamond pendant- set in a four prong, basket mounting.  While the most common shape is a round diamond, why not try something different like an Oval or Pear shaped Diamond??  Can be made with any size diamond.  .82 Oval Shaped Diamond $2200, 45/100 Pear Shaped Diamond $1100

In fashion, every trend comes around again.  In 2017, Baguettes are finally given their time to shine, but, instead of flanking center stones in diamond engagement rings, we are seeing them pop- up everywhere!  New this November is the Baguette Bar- stacked baguettes accentuated with diamond piping comprised Brilliant Cut Diamonds.  The contrast between the two shapes of diamond is nothing short of spectacular.  $1700.00

The Diamond Key Pendant.  A whimsical piece of jewelry, yet packed with meaning.  One the romantic side, “Be the key to her heart” with this vintage- style scrolled skeleton key pave set with 27/100 carats of beautiful white diamonds hung on an 18″ cable chain.  Here’s another even more symbolic idea!  It’s a great piece of jewelry to commemorate the purchase of a new home and life together.  We have two other style keys available as well.  $700.00