Diamond Studs

The Ultimate Classic.

Diamond Stud Earrings are the ultimate accessory- a staple in every woman’s jewelry box, and the most versatile piece of jewelry she’ll ever own. Diamond earrings have been forever seen on red-carpet occasions and today are being paired with everything from workout-gear to bikinis.  In recent years, women have been added a bit more brilliance to their studs and resetting them into Diamond Halo Mountings.

When selecting diamond studs, don’t be fooled by promotional pricing.  There is an obvious difference between fine quality studs and commercial grade (Macy’s “Door-Buster Deals;” also, think Jewelry Exchange of Sudbury commercials).  While these studs may be cheap, they are so flawed that all the diamond’s natural brilliance is compromised.



A Tip; Keep in mind that Diamond Stud Earrings ALWAYS look LARGER on the ear than in the jewelry store!

Beautiful, well cut, well matched brilliant Diamond Studs.

Commercial Grade- highly included Diamond Studs that compromise brilliance.

There are three great ways to protect your diamond stud earrings.  (1) Make sure your studs are equipped with “screwbacks.”  (2) Insure your studs!  Remember to update your appraisals every few years.  (3) Don’t get in the habit of taking your studs off nightly–this is the easiest way to lose them.  If you’re going to change up your earrings, make sure you always store them in the same place.


Updated Appraisals.